See you around, Don

This morning I learned that Donald Michael Kraig had passed away last night, after his heroic battle with pancreatic cancer.

Don was an inspiration to countless numbers of students in the esoteric communities. His books are probably the best selling titles around on magick. His Modern Magick alone has gotten numerous people started on the path.

He was my initiator into the Adinatha/AMOOKOS line of tantra, and a mentor in the publishing world. Don was the lead inspiration and energy in getting my book published, and taught me the entire time. Every single email from him was practically a novel, written just for me, with thoughtful and detailed information on publishing, how to make my manuscript more readable, how to convey ideas clearly.

Up until the end, he lived what he believed in. May that be an inspiration to all of us.

Don, I know I will see you again, so I will not say goodbye. Just see you around. Enjoy your journey Home.

Jai Maa


3 thoughts on “See you around, Don”

    1. Thank you! It is hard to find words sometimes (a lot of the time) for me. Don never had the problem; every single communication was practically a book! A true wordsmith. More importantly, he really deeply cared for everyone that he worked with, and wanted to see them succeed.
      Not only did he push to have my book published, he also suggested starting this blog!

      1. wow. that reminds me of one of my teachers…he is an encyclopedia of vedic knowledge. and a poet. (i type his poetry.) i admit that i let our communication lapse sometimes – but he doesn’t let me get away with it!

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