Trees of Eternity


I have been immersing myself in a project that requires a dive back through all of Kenneth Grant’s  Typhonian Trilogies, and in the process keep coming across incredibly good quotes and reminders. The recent series of quotes are some of the inspirations coming out of this.

No doubt over the years these have been seeds planted into my unconscious and, like sigils or runes, have been nurtured in the darkness over time and their fruit – strange and beautiful – slowly takes form.

Here is this mornings reminder…

Unless occultism becomes creative in the sense of opening up new approaches, modifying and developing traditional concepts and generally revealing a little more of that Supreme Goddess whose identity is hidden behind the veil of Isis, Kali, Nuit, or Sothis, there will be stagnation in the swamp of beliefs rendered inert by the recent swift acceleration of humanity’s consciousness, which is little short of miraculous. If the science of the unmanifest is not to remain grounded at a pre-pubescent stage, while the manifested sciences soar into space, the mature occultist must put aside the toys of superstition and face fearlessly the Trees of Eternity whose trunks and branches glow with solar fire, but whose roots are nourished in the dark.

— Kenneth Grant, Nightside of Eden

There is a resurgence in many esoteric circles, with creativity coming to the front and driving innovation and experimentation.  These patterns cycle through time.  In some cases, like light reflecting off a dew covered branch, what appears to be one thing may in fact be something else entirely.

“My incense is of resinous woods & gums; and there is no blood therein: because of my hair the trees of Eternity.” AL I:59

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