You are Blocked by What You Know

Sri Vidya, the highest tantrik knowledge of the Devi, is something that I have been exploring for a few years now. I had gotten familiar enough through readings and workings that I was fairly confidant in my knowledge, although certainly recognizing that I was still in the beginning stages of the approach to the slopes of Mt. Meru.

A chance encounter with a physician in Bombay taught me more in 10 minutes than all the books I have been pouring over. While it was not his intent, my interaction with him was like a direct introduction to my own mental blocks and ignorance. I will not go into details here, but lets just say it was a surprise and a blessing to meet him and interact with him, even if so briefly. My eyes have been opened.

The biggest stumbling block, one of the most persistent kleshas, is knowledge. Or rather, ones self assessment of what they think they know. Stay open, stay awake, stay aware. She comes to you unexpectedly, shy glances that you might catch out of the corner of your eye and then in a flash she is hiding again.

Later the next day went for a walk in the sweltering heat and humidity, only to chance upon this shrine to the Goddess that was setup along the roadside next to a banyan tree (visible) and a neem tree (out of frame). 

I am grateful for each chance encounter. Bhavani tuam!